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How We Purchase Used Valves

We are not only fisher valve buyers, but we also buy other types of valves. As used valve buyers, we will come and assess your used valves and other fittings, and we will make an offer to you. Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about our services.

Who dismantles the valves?

The seller can dismantle the valves and send them right over. In case the seller cannot dismantle the valves, we can dismantle them when our team comes for an assessment.

What do you do with the used valves?

We will salvage, refurbish, and sell them as refurbished valves. We sell them to refineries, oil & gas industry, and chemical production companies in the United States. That’s why we have a presence in every state.

Do you see the valves before offering a price?

Yes. As used valve buyers, it is important that we see and assess the valves before making an offer. This is because the type and condition of the valves will determine our offering prices. However, you don’t have to ship them to us before we make you an offer. As Fisher valve buyers, we will send our team to your location to check, dismantle, and inventory them before we make an offer.

Do you travel to every location in the United States?

Yes. We already have a team in every state. So, we will send the nearest team to your location. We don’t only buy valves and fittings, but we also manage recovery projects.

Do you buy other equipment apart from valves?

Yes. We also buy other types of fittings. We buy used fittings and surplus fittings. But we pay good prices for them. In the end, it is always a win-win situation between our team and every seller.

If you have used valves or surplus valves to sell, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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